The Best Way To Start A Massive Corporate Project

From An Email Marketing Manager

It’s Monday morning. You are in your weekly stand up meeting. Your mind is still adjusting from the weekend and you haven’t even had your fist cup of coffee. Your boss is going around the room asking for project status, and now it’s your turn… You stumble your way through a half remembered update from last week, and then your boss throws two more time sensitive projects your way. The scope of these projects is massive and the timeline seems impossible, but there is no fighting it. How are you going to get this done?

We spend a lot of time on Zero to Complete talking about working smarter and being more efficient, which led me to the concept of MVP (Minimum Viable Product). At its core, MVP is a product marketing strategy. Often we spend too much time and energy focusing on projects at a macro level that we forget to break it down into micro level pieces. Applying MVP on a personal level can be an effective way to simplify an overwhelming project. Think about it for a second – what is your MVP? If you are an email marketing manager like me, then your MVP includes:
-Marketing Strategy
-Project Management
-Email Building/Sending

Know Your Personal MVP

Defining your impact on a large project from the beginning is an effective way to save time and resources.

Your boss is going to send projects that are top of mind, and these are simply projects that his or her boss is pressing to get done. We live in a corporate world that follows the mantra: “What have you done for me lately?” A constant stream of new projects and new work flows your way at all times. Treat yourself like a product that you are marketing. Write down your personal MVP. Now, take action when a big project comes your way.

Chris Koehler is an Email Marketing Manager at Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. View his LinkedIn:

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