Does Abstaining from Digital Media Increase Productivity? ZTC No Internet Video Challenge

Last week the ZTC weekly challenge was to see if we could go 5 days without watching digital media unless it was work related. Lets see how it went.

George’s Recap

I’ll be the first to admit our challenge last week was….WEAK. It was hard to keep track of on a daily basis since being bombarded by media is a regular part of our lives whether at work or home. For example my wife streams content to our television during dinner and it is impossible not to watch.

I want to make a more conscious effort to produce more and consume less so in this light our challenge was not a complete waste. Also there is no way for Ethan to call me out when I slip. Unlike the 5:30am challenge where we tweeted and texted at those exact times. Using a tool like Rescue Time would have helped but not for instances of checking stuff on your phone or TV.

I learned we can do better. This week our challenge will be SMART focused. We want our challenges to be easy for people to follow and join. Let us prepare for the week!

Ethan’s Recap

I got through the entire week with zero TV, video games, online tv, or movies, but I quickly realized how often media distracts us from our regular tasks. At least every hour, I received a YouTube link from someone. I suppressed my initial instinct to click these links. In the evening, I opted to read instead of watching TV. The last 5 days served to highlight one important truth – that productivity increases when we tune out other distractions. Keep that truth at the forefront of your mind and resist the urge to click on the low value emails and YouTube links.

This challenge also reminded me how valuable a good book can be on everyday creativity.

George Huang

George Huang is a founder at ZeroToComplete where he specializes in productivity science and coaching.

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