Creativity and Success with Ben Consoli of BC Media Productions

We caught up with Ben Consoli of BC Media Productions on finding creativity and being honest with yourself when starting a business. Ben graciously shares his story and plans for the future with us. Lets dive right in.

Can you sum up what you do in a few sentences?

I’m the founder and owner of BC Media Productions . A small but mighty production company based in Boston, MA. I am a director, but my background is in editing and shooting and I often flex those muscles as well. I also host and produce the Go Creative Show , a podcast for creative professionals in the film, television, music and creative industries.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up and what is the last thing you do before you go to bed?

The first thing I do in the morning is check my phone for the day’s schedule. I honestly love to work and every day is an adventure. No matter how hard I try to plan tomorrow, there are so many curveballs that make each day unique, challenging and fun. Each day ends with at least 1 full hour without internet, phone or laptop. I use this time to workout, watch tv and decompress.

What is the number one productivity killer you see and how do you stop it?

My biggest productivity killer is having to manage and market my own business. My entire job is creating video and film content that help market other companies, yet it is near impossible to market my own! When I have to concentrate on all the paperwork and social media that is necessary to manage and advertise BC Media Productions, I tend to loose my creativity and thus, my productivity.

Do you have a favorite productivity tool?

I have always been interested in Basecamp but haven’t used it yet. For now i’m simply sharing calendars via iCal and collaborating with my editors, producers and clients via email. I guess i’m old school.

What do you do when you aren’t feeling productive or motivated?

I have carefully crafted my Twitter feed for maximum information and inspiration throughout the day. I follow sites like Creativity-Online, AdWeek, Vevo and countless shooters, editors and musicians that share inspiring work daily. I always find something that sparks my creativity.

How do you set goals for yourself and what is your top priority goal this year?

I like to set goals that point me in new directions. That way the entire pathway towards the goal is rewarding and new. For instance last year my goal was to become a more active member of the Boston film-making community. I went to more events, met more people and as a result got multiple speaking gigs and started my podcast Go Creative Show . My top priority goal this year is to have BC Media Productions become a player in the music video production space.

What is the biggest mistake you’ve made that you’ll never repeat?

My biggest mistake was misrepresenting BC Media Productions in the early days. I would always present myself as the owner of a multi-employee, large studio production company when at the time it was really a 1-man-band. People always know when your exaggerating and when I look back on those early meetings I get embarrassed.

As someone who receives tons of emails everyday, what do you see in emails that makes you want to hit “delete” immediately?

I can’t stand long emails! I’m all for friendly small talk in person, but in an email if your point isn’t explained in the first couple sentences I completely lose interest and will probably delete the email.

Do you have a role model or a mentor that has helped you stay productive and how did you find that mentor?

My mentors have always been my father and brothers. They are all entrepreneurs and business owners and even though their fields are completely different from mine, I learn from their success and challenges.

What is the most powerful thing you’ve ever seen, heard, or read?

The most powerful thing I ever saw was my brother passing away. We see people die in movies all the time and tend to have an expectation of those last few moments. For me, this experience was an incredible mix of pain and beauty that has shaped my entire adult life. I would give anything to have him back, but I thank him for letting me share his last few days.

What do you do for fun to relax or clear your mind and do you schedule downtime?

I love to cook and entertain friends and family. Hosting parties at my house is always a relaxing and fun experience for me.

If you had the last living dinosaur on earth, how would you make money from it?

Make a movie about it of course!

For more on what Ben is up to follow him @benconsoli . Have any questions for him or us? Leave a comment below.


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